Ma YuLiang married Wu JianQuan's daughter, Wu-Ying Hua. Her brothers (Eddy Wu's family) went to Hong Kong.

Chen YouBeng is 14th generation Chen style. Zhang YuFei is 19th - same as Chen XiaoWang. Sun Jian-Yun is Sun LuTang's daughter and Miss Li's friend.

Liu FengShan was also known as LiuChiaChen and was Dean of the Beijing Athletic Institute. He learned both Bagua and Wu style from Liu DeKuan, a disciple of Dong Hai Chuan. Liu Feng Shan was Miss Li's formal lineage teacher but her actual teacher was Teng YunFeng (1873-1941). Teng's teacher was Geng JiShan (1860-1928), cousin of Li CunYi - both were XingYi and Bagua masters.




Geng JiShan was Li Cunyi's cousin and they were probably the first high level Xingyi teachers to learn Bagua - formally from Dong Hai Chuan but practically, mostly from Cheng Tinghua.

Liu FengChun in the Bagua lineage very likely is the same as Liu Fengshan in the Taijiquan Quan Yu lineage.

Li Cunyi, Geng Jishan, Liu Fengshan and Cheng Tinghua were very close friends and instrumental in forming the cross-training of the "internal" family (nei jia) of Chinese martial arts.

When Rose Li became a formal disciple of Teng Yunfeng, the official witnesses were to be Liu Fengshan and Sun Lutang, who agreed to come but did not make it.