"Andy, I'm grateful for your work.. all the years you have spent as an integrated Asian oriented teacher... What I see you doing is now is bringing this out into the world"

Michael Schwartz , Assoc Prof, Augusta State University

"I just finished your book Ageless Wisdom Spirituality. It is so fine. For more than 30 years, I have been saying, teaching, breathing Wisdom's connecting consciousness. You are a master of this connecting of all of life and your insights are a gift"

Georgene Wilson , OSF (Fransiscan)

'This is an easy read (The Conscious I). I cannot recommend this book highly enough. This can really turn things around for you".

-Bill Carroll, Toronto radio host.

"Here is another highly inspiring book (Ageless Wisdom Spirituality by Andy James) written with a great clarity and broad scope by Andy James who, in addition to his mastery over Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong, received a complete training course under my instruction and guidance"

V.R. Dhiravamsa, Vipassana Meditation Master and international author.