Praise for Tai Chi & Toronto Meditation Centre and Shifu Andy James
"An excellent book" (The Conscious I by Andy James) - Ken Wilber, world renowned consciousness philosopher and author.

Ken Wilber , World renowned consciousness philosopher and author.

"Your session was extremely well received by our students. They found it informative, interesting and personally valuable. After the class, I received numerous compliments about your session and requests for more classes with you"


Gretchen Kerr, Associate Dean, University of Toronto

"In this book (The Spiritual Legacy of Shaolin Temple), Andy James gives us the history and evolution of the Shaolin, Daoist, and Chan (Zen) Buddhist systems and disposes of some misconceptions surrounding these misconceptions. James is eminently qualified to present this information"

Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Executive Director of the International Institute of Medical Qigong and author of Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide and other Chinese martial and medical books

"Andy James is much sought after by TV, radio, and the print media simply because he is as well informed as he is articulate. He moves with ease from the heights of martial arts expertise to the depths of spiritual insights and meditation techniques"

Gerard and Lili Fournier, Producers of the award winning "Quest" series on PBS