What is “Right Effort” in Mindfulness Meditation?

  What is “Right Effort” in Mindfulness Meditation? According to the well-regarded book, “What the Buddha Taught”, “Right Effort” is described as “energetic will to prevent evil and unwholesome states of mind from arising and to produce ..good and wholesome states of mind”.  I think this advice is sage, but probably only achievable by experienced…
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Year of the Rooster Annual Dinner, Welcome Speech

The Taoist and Buddhist Meditation Centre is a non-profit organization operating as the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre, since Tai Chi and Meditation form our core practice. Together, the ancient eastern wisdom practices of Vipassana meditation of Buddhist origin, and the Taoist martial and healing arts of Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan and Qigong, are a harmonized…
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Can we live without Belief?

The Content of Belief comes in many forms - religion, politics, health, diet, parenting and more.  However, the Process of belief is always the same - We “buy in”, identify and then protect that belief as “Right”, since it becomes part of what we think of as “I”. The Process of Belief is powerful and…
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