Dmitri was born and spent the first 28 years of his life in Krasnodar in Southern Russia. He started practicing a style of Shaolin Kung-fu when he was 13. He then practiced mixed martial marts for several years from the age of 17. Dmitri started learning the Long form Yang Style Taijiquan form while in Cambridge, UK in 2001. When he moved closer to London in 2003 he started learning the Rose Li’s style Taiji form. By the time Dmitri met Andy James he finished learning the form. From 2011 Dmitri practiced exclusively Rose Li’s Taiji form under Andy James’s guidance attending his seminars in the UK and visiting Andy in Toronto, Canada. In 2013 Dmitri completed Personal Mastery course as taught by Andy James. Since 2011 Dmitri has also been practicing Vipassana meditation, learning exclusively from Andy James.

Dmitri lives with his family in London UK. He continues practicing Taiji and Vipassana. He leads a small group of more experienced Taiji practitioners working on the form and the practical martial applications of Taijiquan.

Contact: Dmitri