Upcoming Workshops:

The Gong of Tai Chi and the Gong of Qigong - Learn How Tai Chi and Qigong Intersect

The word "Gong" can be translated as "work" and refers to the essential quality required to understand the deeper inner workings of a practice. Generally we understand this quality to be long term, consistent, dedicated, patient, compassionate, and especially, to have clear intention of purpose (Yi). This kind of Gong will eventually reward the practitioner with wisdom.

When: Sunday February 13, 2022
Time: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Location: At our Studio located at 320 Broadview Ave, just South of Gerrard
Cost: $40 prepaid via PayPal (use the Buy Now button below)
Maximum number of students: Nine
Indoor, Non-Marking shoes required or socks
Beginner or intermediate students are welcome

Your Instructor: This workshop will be led by Daniel Pikelin, Full Instructor with the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre. Daniel has consistently practiced Tai Chi for over 30 years and studied with Sifu Andy James and Chief Instructor Sifu Donna Oliver for 12 years. During his ongoing apprenticeship Daniel has enjoyed digging deep into the finer details of the Yang (Pan Hou) form, Qigong, Chen Style Tai Chi, and Vipassana Meditation. Daniel thrives on the challenge to make the seemingly complex accessible to students of all levels.

From 10:30 to 11:45 - structural alignment and torque in Tai Chi; practical applications
From 11:45 to 12:15 - Lunch break (please eat lightly to facilitate connection to the Lower Dantien in the second part)
From 12:15 to 1:30 - Structural alignment and torque in Qigong; practical applications

This workshop will highlight:

  • The elegance and simplicity of Tai Chi and Qigong
  • The use of intuition and accessible practices that do not require memorizing complex movements
  • Recognizing and increasing the flow of Chi in the meridians
  • Learning how the application of body torque can be used to displace/topple an incoming force
  • Understanding how the very same movement can be rededicated to guide Chi into our Lower Dantien, bringing about vitality and health enhancement

The student will gain:

  • A renewed sense of balance, strength and flexibility in their step
  • A better sense of the function and potential of Chi in their day to day life
  • A renewed desire to practice to improve their health
  • A renewed connection to Earth, Heaven and the 5 Elements