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Five Animal Sports Qigong (Tiger)

The Five Animal Sports are one of the oldest of the Medical Qigong set of exercises. By
mimicking the movements and intention of the Bear, Monkey, Bird, Deer and Tiger the student
can build and maintain strength and longevity both inside and outside while enjoying improved
health. The focus of this workshop will be the Tiger.In this 3-week workshop I will present: 1. Tiger searching, 2. Tiger Clawing, Tiger Pouncing,
Tiger Piercing and Tiger RevolvingAll levels are welcomeWhen: Monday July 25, August 8 and 15th
Time: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Location: At our Studio located at 320 Broadview Ave, just South of Gerrard
Cost: Regular rates apply.  Book your classes for July 25, Aug 8, and August 15,  HERE

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PLEASE NOTE: Starting September 12/2022, until further notice the Monday 6-7 Qigong class with Dondrub 
will be changing to an all level Tai chi class