“Starting Vipassana in earnest with Andy for about 3 or 4 years now, has made all the difference. Despite 4 decades of attempts with other meditative practices, this deceptively simple practice has been taking me to unimaginable depths and recently allowed me to survive my wife's almost lethal illness, which affected me physically beyond any expectation. So I would agree a regular Vipassana practice is foundational to our program. I am hooked. And will continue with it the rest of my life.”

Daniel Pikelin, Shiatsu therapist, and TCMC Instructor

"Thank you for your participation as a guest speaker at Habitat. Your contribution helps to enrich our program.. the residents enjoyed hearing you speak very much and we look forward to your future involvement"

Kyree Fisher, Canadian Film Centre

"You were a huge hit with our Wellness and Lifestyle Management class at Centennial College. The feedback we received was extremely positive, including comments like 'excellent', 'fascinating' and 'really informative'. My own observation was that the students were completely captivated by your demonstration"

Susan Toews, Wellness and Lifestyle Management, at Centennial College

"Your session was extremely well received by our students. They found it informative, interesting and personally valuable. After the class, I received numerous compliments about your session and requests for more classes with you"

Gretchen Kerr, Associate Dean, University of Toronto