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How can we make real changes in our lives?

Evidence suggests we individually and collectively overestimate our ability to change or set a low bar for “real change”. Changing partners, jobs, countries, religion, political party or diet are recognized as major “life stresses”, yet even such changes rarely alter our deep, behavioural patterns, which we may regard as our personal “software”.  In new relationships…
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Life Is Relationship

Life is relationship, as great teachers have observed. We are in obvious relationship with partners, family, friends, and co-workers, but also wider relationships – cultural, religious, political, national, international, virtual and more.  We are related to Mother Earth and all her creatures and living organisms. That is not idealism, but an increasingly apparent fact, though…
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Tai Chi and Mindfulness Meditation

The unique marriage of Tai Chi and Mindfulness Meditation is the union of China’s and India’s deepest wisdom, which is especially relevant since they both regard Life as ever changing and interconnected. This observation for many centuries seemed crazy to most people living in relatively static and isolated societies.  Even as technology now globally and…
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Three Treasures Qigong Retreat

With Shifu Andy James This unique and powerful course distills the wisdom and mind-body skills of the Buddhist-Daoist tradition so we can use them in our everyday lives – to improve our health and vitality, cut through stress and complexity, and bring clarity, meaning and compassion into every aspect of our lives. There is no…
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