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"Outside of meditation, I find it hard not to identify with my body and thoughts”.  “I just stopped drinking alcohol and find the initial compulsion/ addiction so strong.. yet when I persevere, I find that this addiction is an attempt to cover over Pain". It’s been quite a while since our last recap. I have…
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We have a NEW, permanent home at 320 Broadview Ave, just south of Gerrard, smack dab in the centre of Toronto. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates!
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It’s so difficult trying to meditate without purpose or expectation!

Yes, it is extremely difficult because in life we invariably have some purpose or goal. Many meditation teachers encourage “positive” or “healthy” goals, but I prefer no goals or expectation as our main Vipassana/Insight/ Mindfulness meditation practice. Having no goals or expectation is something uniquely missing in our lives. It bypasses the internal “I/ self”…
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