Insight Meditation & Qigong Retreat

With Shifu Andy James

Andy James meditation session

Insight Meditation (Vipassana) is the foundation of Buddhist meditation practice. Simple, yet profound and powerful, it helps build awareness in each moment so you can begin to understand and free yourself from restrictive patterns, whether mental, emotional or physical. Ongoing, supervised practice leads to compassion,, clarity, wisdom, purpose and a sense of interconnection with others and with the environment.  Shifu James uses active self-inquiry meditations to help retreatants tackle particular  conflicts and specific Qigong techniques to enhance cleansing, opening and grounding. Qigong regulates body, energy (Qi) and mind. It has been used in China in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), internal martial arts and spiritual transformation.

Location: Harmony Dawn Retreat, please contact us to register. If you would like to do a week long retreat, please inform us asap since a longer retreat run only if there is a minimum number of participants.

Andy James is the founder of the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre and Harmony Dawn Retreat.  He is an internationally renowned mind-body teacher, author and healer.

Next Retreat (10 days!):  April 19-28, 2019.
Cost: $1200 plus HST if paid in full by January 31, 2019. After that date the price is $1500 plus HST

Call or Email us for details.

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