Insight Meditation


"You are the result of what you think," the Buddha observed 2500 years ago. Today, psychology, physics, medicine and other fields of study are beginning to recognize the many, specific ways (see Research) in which our thoughts and emotions shape and impact our lives - stress, health, relationships and environment.You cannot know what is truly right for you if you do not know who you are. This deep, inner inquiry into your Self requires skill, perseverance and courage.

Insight Meditation (Vipassana), based on the Buddha's Mindfulness Sutra, is the foundation of Buddhist meditation. It is simple, yet spiritually profound and powerful. Skilful, regular practice can build awareness and understanding while freeing you of destructive patterns, whether mental, emotional, energetic or physical.

Our senior meditation teachers, trained by Shifu James, have been practicing Vipassana for over 20 years and act as spiritual friends or guides who have travelled the Path. They are also skilled in the internal art of Qigong, which is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and which includes the detailed Regulation of Body, Energy and Mind.

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