Medical Qigong Workshops

Introduction to Medical Qigong Level A course

Medical Qigong exercises will be taught that help the body correct physical and energetic imbalances, release deep-seated emotions and stress.

Learn the basic theories of energy tonification, purgation, and regulation of the body's organs and energy channels, strengthen the body's immune system. Great for health maintenance, calming and healing the body mind and spirit.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Respiration, posture, and mental training
  • Emotional detoxification
  • Healing sound therapy
  • Analyzing and categorizing qigong exercises
  • Introduction to medical qigong prescriptions
  • Establish a personal medical qigong workout

Students will have a basic understanding of the three regulations of medical qigong, exercises to keep organ healthy, and be able to properly develop a medical qigong routine. If you go on to Level B, you will be granted certification of completion upon passing the examination.

Course instructor Donna Oliver


Medical Qigong Level B course

After completing Level A, you may wish to continue with more advanced training including protocol for qigong treatments.

Medical Qigong Level A. Certification of completion at course end. Course instructor Donna Oliver


Course Dates - Level A

Medical Qigong Level A will now be a 2-part course!
Part 1 begins Fridays, October 16-November 20, 2020, 6 weeks 6-8pm. $325
Part 2 begins January 8-February 12, 2021, Fridays, 6 weeks, 6-8pm. $325
Location: 320 Broadview.
Pre-registration required, contact for details.


Course Dates - Level B

The next Level B starts TBA
11 weeks.
$650.00 CAD. 
Pre-registration required, contact for details.


Make Payment for Medical Qigong Level A Part 1 ($325)

Make Payment for Medical Qigong Level A Part 2 ($325)

If you are interested in Level A (Part 1 or 2) or B, please call Donna at 416-425-0016 or email to and more information, and a registration form including payment options, will be sent.