Vipassana Meditation Sittings

with Dr. Jamie Magnusson

Format Online on Zoom
Dates: Sundays.
Time: 9:30am
Registration: email for the Zoom link
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Sunday Supported Vipassana Meditation Sittings

With Dr. Jamie Magnusson
Sundays from 9:30am to 10:30am
Fee: by donation to the TCMC (paypal)
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These Sunday meditation sittings are designed to provide an environment to support your practice, or to introduce you to Vipassana Meditation if you do not already have a practice. Vipassana is a meditation practice from the Buddhist tradition as taught by Shifu Andy James and his teacher Dhiravamsa. The sessions are also very helpful in preparing you for the Harmony Dawn Meditation Retreats held twice a year with Shifu Andy James. For those new to meditation, you will receive basic instruction in sitting and tips for incorporating meditation into your daily life. For those more seasoned, you will have the opportunity to deepen your practice within a community of practitioners.

Dr. Jamie Magnusson is a Full Instructor with the Tai Chi & Meditation Centre and is an Associate Professor of Adult Education and Community Development at OISE, University of Toronto. To register for supported meditation sittings contact:

"You are the result of what you think," the Buddha observed 2500 years ago. Today, psychology, physics, medicine and other fields of study are beginning to recognize the many, specific ways (see Research) in which our thoughts and emotions shape and impact our lives - stress, health, relationships and environment.You cannot know what is truly right for you if you do not know who you are. This deep, inner inquiry into your Self requires skill, perseverance and courage.
Insight Meditation (Vipassana), based on the Buddha's Mindfulness Sutra, is the foundation of Buddhist meditation. It is simple, yet spiritually profound and powerful. Skilful, regular practice can build awareness and understanding while freeing you of destructive patterns, whether mental, emotional, energetic or physical.