One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is how to deal with Change, which is increasing in both pace and scope – when to stand still and when to move; when to retreat and to advance; what to keep or let go; what is important and what not. Research shows that human beings are conditioned to resist change, which we currently experience as threatening and stressful... to the extent that stress-related diseases are filling our hospitals and health care facilities.

Our practice at the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre is based on recognizing the reality of constant change and interconnectedness and learning to cultivate dynamic balance, which is what Yin-yang philosophy is all about. Taijiquan may be translated as “Yin-yang fist” or learning to embody Yin-yang theory in all areas and levels of our lives. In a similar vein, the Buddha taught that we suffer because we are attached i.e. we are too rigid and cannot let go of our conditioning and rise to the challenge of Change.

We feel corporations will be vastly improved if run and staffed by individuals who are mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, cooperative, compassionate, communicative, creative and self-correcting.

The Tai Chi and Meditation Centre can customize programs for corporations and institutions which cover a wide variety of life-changing skills. This is our specialty. Please contact us to discuss your needs.