Personal Mastery

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AndyUp3This unique and comprehensive program of body-energy-mind-spirit integration and transformation was created by Shifu Andy James to help individuals cope with the challenges, stresses and complexities of the 21st century. He points out, “We cannot know what is appropriate for ourselves, individually or collectively, unless we truly know who we are and this requires skilled self-inquiry”.

Understanding the potential and power (positive and negative) of our own internal dynamics can greatly increase personal health and well being and lead to more effective, insightful and compassionate social action in the “world”.

Based on traditional Buddhist-Daoist practices as described in James’ book, The Spiritual Legacy of Shaolin Temple: Buddhism, Daoism and the Energetic Arts (Wisdom Publications, 2004), this program covers the Three Regulations of Qigong: Body, Energy and Mind. Historical applications include martial arts, health maintenance, energetic healing (using principles of TCM) and spiritual/ enlightenment transformation.

Personal Mastery Syllabus

1.1 Introduction to Ageless Wisdom Spirituality (theory). Relevance of the Ageless Wisdom to society today. Brief history of the Ageless Wisdom and religion. The evolution of consciousness. The Three Regulations of Qigong: Body, Energy and Mind. [2 hrs]

1.2 Introduction to Vipassana (Insight) Meditation. Introduction to Buddhist studies; sitting and standing meditation. [3 hrs]

1.3 Taijiquan Form. [20 hrs]

1.4 Push Hands Level 1. Rooting, neutralizing. Cooperative drills. [4 hrs]

1.5 Medical Qigong A. This program teaches comprehensive, foundation qigong skills including cleansing, connection, balancing and building, together with basic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, which helps appropriate practice and application. It is part of the Medical Qigong certification programs. See separate syllabus. [32 hrs]

1.6 Enneagram of Personality Introduction. Introduction to the nine basic personality types and dynamics supposedly used by ancient Sufi masters. [3 hrs]

1.7 Vipassana Retreats. 2 weekend retreat [16 hrs x 2] or 1 retreat and 16 hrs of weekly meditation sessions. [32 hrs]

1.8 Combat theory and practice 1. Foundation of self-defense. [4 hrs]

1.9 Xingyiquan 1 (optional). Wu Xing. Linking Form. Basic applications.

1.10 Baguazhang 1 (optional). Basic drills. Eight changes. Basic applications.

1.11 Taiji Sword 1 (optional). Yang style Taijiquan sword form.

Contact/ Instructional hours: 100
Personal study or additional class practice hours: 100
Total course hours: 200

Instructional hours may be undertaken as separate courses (as listed above), or a series of 5 composite weekend workshops worth 20 hours each.