Qigong Training

SheilaMovingQigong (Chi Kung) is a mind-body branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which offers a wide range of benefits that modern Research is steadily verifying. Qigong consists of the Three Regulations of Body, Energy (Qi) and Mind, which form a complete system that in China historically included Martial, Medical and Spiritual applications.

'Self-regulation' Qigong, which may be described as a form of Chinese Yoga, is very effective in maintaining and enhancing personal health and vitality.Ă‚ At the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre, we offer several forms of self-regulation Qigong as well as Medical Qigong (see below). Martial and Spiritual Qigong is enfolded within our Internal Martial Arts, Meditation and Teachers' Training programs.

Our Medical Qigong programs offer comprehensive qigong tools as well as the TCM knowledge to use them for personal health and eventually for healing others as a Medical Qigong Practitioner, Therapist and eventually Doctor. We are certified to teach Courses P1 (Level A) and P2 (Level B) of the International Institute of Medical Qigong which is an Overseas College of Medical Qigong of the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.

To view the curriculum, please visit this website: International Institute of Medical Qigong

Our next workshop details can be found here: Medical Qigong Level A


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