The Enneagram

shutterstock_230407780 [Converted]The Enneagram Personality Types help us understand our deep, specific personality patterns, which we often, mistakenly think of as 'normal', 'universal' or 'unique', making us special, one-off individuals. Used for hundreds of years by Sufi spiritual teachers to help disciples understand themselves, this formerly secret system is now public knowledge and is being correlated with modern psychology. Its use within schools, corporations and institutions is spreading. Shifu Andy James was taught this system before it became public.

At the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre, we use the Enneagram as a tool in the process of spiritual inquiry and self-transformation, the main vehicle of which is Insight Meditation (Vipassana). Without the understanding and transformation of the ego /I / self, any knowledge or tool can be used or abused... applied positively or negatively. The Enneagram is very powerful and profound knowledge, which is often underestimated.

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