Class Series

8 Week Series: Tao Yin, All levels,  with Dondrub Wangchuk

Tao Yin (Qi gong) exercises follow the principles of TCM  consisting of an inner aspect which influences the meridians and an outer aspect which influences the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. This set works by opening the joints, tendons and ligaments so that chi can flow more freely through the body.  These exercises are done slowly and are very easy to learn.

Tao yin can be practiced by anyone wanting more flexibility in their body. This set includes 38 movements that are practiced to promote mind-body balance, exercise and relaxation.

Mondays, 6-7 pm, April 2 - May 21. Next Session: Mondays, 6-7 pm, June 4 - July 30 (No class on July 16) Use any card or drop in $20 per class. To pre-register email or call 416-465-6122.

8 Week Class Series: Qigong for a Healthy Body, All levels with Daniel Pikelin

Using the simple Basic, Coiling and Rocking sets we continue to explore Silk Reeling (Chan Si Jing) in order to become better acquainted with our intrinsic Qi in the Dantiens - recognizing, gathering, dispersing, circulating and storing Qi. In the process we sharpen our Yi (mind intention), strengthen the legs, loosen the upper body, deepen the breath, and foster the free movement of the fascia (connective tissue) of our internal organs. Come for a great workout and go home with easy to practice and easy to remember qigong jewels.

Wednesdays, next session starts May 30-July 25, 10:15 to 11:30 am. Use any card or drop-in $20 per class.
No need to pre-register. 
 For questions or last moment information and class updates please email or call 416-465-6122.

8 Week Introductory Tai Chi Chuan Beginner Series with Suzanne Taka

Learn the form step by step. During this eight week session, you will learn the first section (first closing) of the short form, then you may choose to go on to join the all levels classes.

Wednesdays, March 21 - May 2, 7:15-8:15pm and Saturdays, March 24 - May 5, 10:30-11:30am with Suzanne Taka. Next session starts Wed. May 9 and Sat. May 12. Use any card or drop in $20 per class. To pre-register email or call 416-465-6122.

8 Week Everyday Meditation Series with Special Presenter Hana James:

A class for all levels, based in Vipassana meditation. The focus is on being present and learning to let go of daily stressors and anxieties. In this class, we aim to cultivate and nourish a healing environment through the exploration of different meditation and relaxation techniques and going deeper into the exploration of Self.

Hana James has been practicing meditation with her Father, Andy James, (Founder of the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre), and Harmony Dawn retreat (, since she was 4 years-old. She continues to utilize her practice daily and is looking forward to sharing her practice with you.

This class will resume in September. Use any card or drop in $20 per class. To pre-register email or call 416-465-6122.

Check the class schedule for details. All classes at 320 Broadview.