Andy James Books

Ageless Wisdom Spirituality:
Investing in Human Evolution

In this powerfully insightful book, James connects the dots between the major issues of our times - the environment, stress, technology, corporations, the Free Market, globalization, terrorism, the media and religion.


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The Spiritual Legacy of Shaolin Temple

While many books have traced Chan's story into Japan, James explains how the unique spiritual, martial and energetic traditions of the Shaolin Temple continued to interact and evolve in dynamic relation to culture, society, and the individual. This engaging and very personal book will appeal to martial arts enthusiasts, healing arts professionals, and anyone interested in the mind-body connection.


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The Conscious I Clarity And Direction
Through Meditation

Written by meditation and Tai Chi teacher Andy James, this eloquent and deeply insightful treatise shows the way to effect true and lasting change.



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Yang Pan Hou Taijiquan

This booklet illustrates with still photos and detailed written descriptions, the individual postures of the Yang (Pan Hou) Taijiquan long and short forms as performed by Andy James."

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