Daniel Pikelin is a Full Instructor at the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre.

I became deeply interested in the structural integrity of Tai Chi in 1986, when I learned my first set, and also the year my son was born. I spent many years in the daily practice of alignment within stillness and stillness within movement. I owe my health and mental  sanity to those years of practice during stressful life situations.  But it was in 2006, during my second year at the Zen Shiatsu diploma program at Kokoro Dojo in Toronto, that I discovered the Toronto and Tai Chi Center and met my teachers Andy James and Donna Oliver. My Tai Chi practice took then a different direction and was transformed in the following ways:  I deepened my meditation practice through Vipassana which has led me to understand my personality traits in a better light and gain peace; I learned medical Qigong which allowed me an internal look at the chi flow in the meridians, and has informed my shiatsu practice greatly; I also begun to study the martial aspects of the Tai Chi form where no movement is wasted and gained the invaluable lesson that a little force can deflect a much great force.

In 2013 I joined the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre's instructor program which I continue to the present day, learning the finer details about our Taiji form as well as  incorporating other forms and related arts: Chen, Sword, Shaoling Standing, Bagua and Zyingi, among others.

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