Dondrub3Dondrub Wangchuk, has been practicing Chinese martial arts for the past 29 years and teaching Tai chi for the past 22 years. His martial arts studies began with 7 years of studying and teaching Shaolin Kung Fu. During the beginning of his training he was also introduced to Taiji Chuan and soon after shifted his focus.

To deepen his practice in the Chinese Internal Arts, Dondrub was accepted to the Teachers Training program at the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre where he achieved the rank of Full Instructor. Since then he has included Baqua, Xing Yi, Medical Qi gong and Vipassana meditation to his studies. He continues to further his practice by attending Taiji workshops and weekly internal martial arts classes. His interest in the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine led him to train and become a Therapist and Teacher of Zen Shiatsu therapy. Dondrub currently teaches private and group Taiji classes in the Toronto area.

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