Vaccination Policy

COVID-19 Update: Proof of Vaccination Requirements

On September 1, the Ontario Government* announced that individuals must be fully vaccinated in order to access certain public settings and facilities, such as ours.

As of September 22, 2021, The Tai Chi and Meditation Centre’s policy will be that anyone entering the premises indoors will need to be fully vaccinated with the last vaccine dated 14 days prior to attending. We will not accept negative Covid test results.

At your first visit you will be required to show us your proof of vaccine receipts along with photo identification, or when available the QR vaccination proof code. We will keep confidential records in our files for as long as necessary, or until confirm you will no longer be attending classes.

You can self screen here before arrival: 

Anyone not wishing, or unable to be vaccinated, or not able to pass COVID assessment screening may not attend in person classes, but may attend our online clases instead.

If you have questions relating to our policy or your class, please do contact your instructor or the Centre at, or leave us a message at 416-465-6122.

*For more details regarding the Province's policy, please visit the Ontario newsroom site.

Updated 2021-9-13