Upcoming Workshops


(These workshops are not run by the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre)

April 11, 18, 25 (March classes are canceled), 2-4 pm, at the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre, 320 Broadview Ave.

This class is an opportunity to explore the theory and practice of Biodanza the Dance of Life.

Biodanza is a system of human development created in the 1960s by the Chilean Psychologist & Anthropologist Rolando Toro (1924-2010). It is based on the Biocentric Principle, which proposes LIFE as the central point of all development. Biodanza aims to restore the essential values ​​in the perception of oneself, other(s) and environment.

By integrating music, dance, movement and group interaction, Biodanza allows the participants to connect with their inner potentials (e.g. vitality) and express how it is felt through their dance/movement. Biodanza is a different way of relating to oneself, other(s) and the environment.

When Rolando Toro created the system he integrated Gestalt, Person-Centered Therapy, Psychodrama and Art Therapy, Biology, Quantum Physics, Neurosciences, and Jungian Psychology, Tai Chi among other disciplines. He was nominated in 2001 for the Nobel Peace Prize.

How is it practiced?

A typical class consists of a sequence of 10-14 dance/movement exercises, all of which are first explained and demonstrated by the facilitator, who will then invite you to dance in your own unique way, inspired by the music and the suggestions given. These focus is on playful dances to help break the ice and stimulate natural, spontaneous movements. We also practice a series of simple fluidity exercises to helps us decelerate and flow with life. We dance individually, as a whole group, in pairs and in small groups. All dances are done ‘in feedback’, i.e. nobody does what doesn’t feel good.
There is a purpose to each exercise and every class is different.

Diana Ojeda
Biodanza Facilitator SRT
Zen Shiatsu Therapist and Instructor