Upcoming Workshops

Meditation and Qigong Workshop

with Jamie Magnusson and Carrie Bernard

Dates: Check back for next session
Location: 320 Broadview Ave, Toronto, OR Online Participation
Price: $160.00 (all proceeds donated to the Tai Chi & Meditation Centre)
To register, or for more information:
email:, or phone: 416-465-6122.
Once your registration is confirmed you will receive an email with payment instructions.

Covid times have hit us hard. Some of us have been on the front lines and/or performing essential service work. Some of us have experienced day to day uncertainty around how we work and how we live. This course is beneficial anytime but has particular relevance to our current situation.

The course has an enrolment cap of 10 people in order to promote an intimate learning experience in a small group setting. It is set up to promote a deep understanding of Buddhist and Daoist practice with Instructors skilled in meditation and qigong pedagogy. The emphasis of the course is on meditation. However, we integrate qigong work as a compatible and beneficial health practice, as taught by Shifu Andy James.

We have organized the course into four weekly Sunday afternoon sessions: Oct. 11, 18, 25 and Nov. 1, from 1pm to 3pm. We have set up the course so that you can have online access to readings on Buddhism and Daoism, with one reading assignment each week. The readings are classic literature featuring Walpola Rahula (What the Buddha Taught), Ramana Maharshi (Who Am I?), Lau Tzu (Tau Te Ching), and Andy James (The Conscious ‘I’).

We have also set up an online discussion group so you can keep connected as you begin introducing meditation into your daily routine.

The four in-class sessions are organized as follows:
Week 1: Introduction to Our Contemplative Practices – Meditation/Qigong
Week 2: Focus on Buddhism
Week 3: Focus on Daoism
Week 4: Integrating Buddhism/Daoism: The Shaolin Tradition

Sessions will be held in our Tai Chi & Meditation Centre studio at 320 Broadview Ave. We have Covid-19 protocol in place which includes wearing a mask and social distancing. However, we understand that not everyone is in a position to meet face-to-face. We have a full range of online capacity if you would like to meet with us online (using Zoom) rather than come to the studio. This feature may also be useful for participants who do not live in Toronto or who are performing frontline work that keeps you under quarantine. Your participation can also include blending some online with some in-studio sessions.

Even though we have online capacity, we are committed to limiting enrollment to 10 people to provide a high quality, small group learning experience. Participants completing the entire course will be issued an in-house certificate of completion.


Carrie Bernard MD MPH FCFP
Pronouns: she/her

Carrie has been a student of Shifu Andy James since 1987 and she has been a meditation instructor with the Tai Chi and Meditation Centre since 2011. Carrie is particularly interested in mindfulness practice in everyday encounters and activities. She practices family medicine in Brampton, Ontario where she teaches medical students and residents for the University of Toronto and McMaster University.

Jamie Magnusson, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Associate Professor, Adult Education and Community Development
OISE, University of Toronto
Pronouns: them/they/their

Jamie’s speciality is using meditation (Vipassana/Mindfulness) and qigong (Daoism) toward healing and reimagining community wellness by addressing systemic oppressions. Having done frontline work in harm reduction, women’s shelters, sex worker spaces and queer/trans communities, Jamie finds that Vipassana and Qigong have been critical tools in promoting their own health and ability to stay present for others. Jamie was awarded Full Instructor from Shifu Andy James and Shifu Donna Oliver after several years of practice in Vipassana Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Baguazhang.