Cooking For Health Retreat

...Qigong & Meditation
With Nicola Lawrence and Andy James

LogoWithTypeHarmony Dawn’s Cooking for Health, Meditation and Qigong workshops have been designed to feed body, mind and spirit. The three aspects complement each other to give participants a deeper understanding of what the Harmony Dawn experience is all about and what goes into the food preparation for their guests. All skill levels are welcome; workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Our cooking workshops are an experiential celebration of food and cooking with the group preparing Saturday lunch and dinner and then Sunday lunch. The participants will gain a real understanding of how to put together a vegetarian menu plan for optimal health, to use seasonal ingredients, and to make cooking fun, flavourful and nutritious. Workshops are tailored to participants’ diverse interests so  you may find yourself learning and preparing  gluten free foods , vegan cooking, culturally diverse cuisine, bread making, desserts, alternative ingredients, macrobiotics and more.

Shifu Andy James teaches the Insight (Vipassana) Meditation and Qi Gong sessions, which are an introduction to these disciplines. Qigong can be described as Chinese Yoga - very gentle flowing exercises with an emphasis on moving energy through your body to enhance health.

"I have been to several cooking workshops, but my experience at Harmony Dawn far surpasses any of them. The cooking experience was amazing - it was nothing short of an organizational masterpiece. Nicola provides individual and personal attention to the hands on experience all the while imparting nuggets of nutritional and cooking wisdom. Combined with Andy's meditation and Qi Gong classes, I feel inspired to make healthy and delicious changes in my lifestyle." Cindy Bryson- workshop attendee

Included in your weekend:

  1. Begins Friday afternoon around 4pm and finishes Sunday mid afternoon
  2. Accommodation and 6 amazing meals
  3. Tuition and guidance throughout the weekend
  4. Three hands-on cooking sessions – Saturday lunch, dinner and Sunday lunch
  5. Vipassana meditation sessions and Qi gong exercises
  6. Relaxation time is built into the schedule

Location: Harmony Dawn Retreat

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We will also learn the fundamentals of Insight Meditation and Qi Gong for mind and body health. Nicola is the author of the “The Dao of Harmony Dawn Cooking, Innovative and acclaimed Spa Cuisine”.

Location: Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre

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